Top Five Property Management Tips for a Worry-free Vacation

Are you planning a vacation with your family next month but don’t feel like leaving the house unattended?  You regret the last time you did that only to find it flooded with water and infested with mice population. The whole scene that was presented in front of you when you were back was enough to dissuade you to undertake another journey.

Everybody likes to go on a vacation, but few have the courage to not think about their house when they are away. Many women keep on obsessing about the state of their house even when they are physically present with their family at the vacation spot. You can’t take complete advantage of your vacation time when your mind is wandering elsewhere.

In order to avoid this, you could improve upon security measures for your home or hire housekeeping services that watch over your house while you are away.

Do-do List before Leaving for Vacation:

  1. Extra Safety Locks: The prime worry that haunts people is that somebody might intrude into their houses by breaking the locks. In order to avoid this, you can use extra locks for your doors and windows. It may not be possible to break all of them. Choose locks made of tough metals. Invest in a burglar alarm whose sound is big enough to alert the neighbours. Ask your neighbours to enquire into the state of your house or contact you in case they hear the alarm sound.
  2. Tight Water Taps: Check all the taps of your house and see if any of them is loose or water leaks through them. In case they aren’t tight and leak-proof, get them repaired before you leave. Don’t ignore minor leaks thinking that few drops won’t make any difference. A drop a second for a month is enough to flood a part of your house. Moreover, wet house gives rise to fungal growth. I’m sure you don’t want your house in a smelly state after you are back.
  3. Trapped Pets: If you own a pet, take him along with you or hand it over to a caretaker for some time. Make sure your or someone else’s pet or other street creatures like dog, cat, mouse, or parrots aren’t trapped in your home. Peep carefully under the chairs, into the cupboard, garage, or attic to find the presence of any animal or bird.  If any such creature gets trapped out of your oblivion, you will find their dead carcasses and your house reeking with horrible smell on your return.
  4. Turn off Gas/Electricity: Ensure that gas stoves and all electric switches are turned off before you leave. Sniff the air carefully and see if there are any traces of cooking gas. Call an electrician to check the wirings of your house in order to avoid possibilities of short circuit or fire while you are away.
  5. Hire House-watching Services: If you feel unsure or paranoid about the safety of your house, contract with housekeeping services. They watch over your house like their own. They prepare your house for a comfortable stay before you are back. With their highly capable and trustworthy staff, you can fearlessly hand over a duplicate key of your house to them. They have a reputation to sustain so there is no point of anything getting lost or damaged in your home.

Usually, when you return from a vacation, you are tired and worn out. You need to rest and catch up on sleep. Moreover, you have to get back to office work. But, when you find your house in a state of complete mess, you wish that you had never gone for the vacation. The housecleaning burden looms large in your face. House-watching services allow you to get back to your routine life soon when you are back from a vacation so that all you have to do is relish those sweet memories peacefully.


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