The Great Pancake Party

Be part of The Great Pancake Party by holding a party yourself and raise money for The Cardiomyopathy Association at the same time.



The Great Pancake Party was created by a brilliant supporter of the Cardiomyopathy Association, Lynn Hedgecoe, based on five successful years of pancake parties Lynn and her Mum  held to raise funds.

The Great Pancake Party

The Great Pancake Party Lynn Hedgecoe


There are already over 100 Great Pancake Parties happening, including several at pubs and hotels, two at catering colleges, one wiMexican food and line dancing and one in a Town Hall.



One supporter is holding a Great Pancake Party in Australia at the start of Pancake Week, before flying back to the UK and holding another at the end of the week! In fact around 150 great pancake parties have been held in the UK and beyond.

Most have these have been marked on this map – now thats a lot of pancakes!

Map of Great Pancake Parties

The Great Pancake Party Map



Top TV presenter Gabby Logan is supporting the event “I’m delighted to support the Great Pancake Party in aid of the Cardiomyopathy Association. Kenny, Reuben and Lois love pancakes and our favourites are with syrup for a sweet pancake and bacon for a savoury one! We think Great Pancake Parties are a fantastic way to raise money to save lives and improve the care of people affected by cardiomyopathy. We hope everyone joins in during Pancake Week for a really fun fundraiser!” Source


Party packs come with posters, invitations, balloons, 5 recipe suggestions and a guide to the easy way to have a great party! Web and facebook details Thank you for reading. If you have a charity event you would like me to attend then please e-mail David using . Please support The Cardiomyopathy Association today. David Ridings

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