The 8 Hour diet: 5 things to do today

Here are a few tips on the 8 hour diet. This diet is brilliant because you don’t have to eliminate foods out of your diet. The only restriction is time!

  1. Decide on an 8 hour window in which you will be able to eat what you like when you like.
  2. After your 8 hours you will have to fast for 16 hours. When I say fast you can still have tea, coffee and water just nothing else. A splash of milk in your hot drinks is fine.
  3. Use a stop clock that you carry around at all times to make the diet easy to work with. If you start the timer just before your first mouthful in the 8 hour period and then stop the timer when it reaches 8 hours. Simply start the timer again for 16 hours. This tip takes guesswork completely out of the diet. Your stomach will be rumbling after 14 but the timer tells you there is only 2 hours to go.
  4. In the 16 hour time period it is really important to incorporate some exercise into your routine. This might be walking to the shops or more home based exercises so you don’t need to leave the house. There are some suggestions here from the NHS.
  5. If you want to supercharge your weight loss then during your 8 hours do the following.
  • Increase your amount of lean green vegetables.
  • Snack on nuts, berries and dark chocolate (over 85% cocoa).
  • Limit your number of alcoholic and sugary beverages. You don’t need avoid them but don’t make them your first choice. It is a good idea to drink water only with meals and save the alcohol for another time.
  • If you do go out drinking then double fist (this means alternate with ‘real’ drink and water of approximately the same volume.



For more detail about the 8 hour diet you can read the book, David Zinczenko and Peter Moore here.

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on “The 8 Hour diet: 5 things to do today
One Comment on “The 8 Hour diet: 5 things to do today
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