Taking good care of customers – 5 things to do today

These suggestions are from Kate who is a web designer. Please take some time to have a look at her blog. Click here to have a look at the website.

1. Take some time out as the owner of your business and step into the shoes of your customer. How does your business look from the outside? Write down 5 things that you like and don’t like.

2. View your list and try to come up with answers and how you can improve those. Don’t just dwell on the bad look at the good how can we improve on things we don’t like.

3. Customers are everything to our businesses so always take time out to get in touch with past clients just to ask them how there finding the product they’ve purchased nothing beats great customer service.

4. Nothing beats a great customer experience and having a great desktop website is great but what about mobile customers how are they finding viewing your site on a mobile device maybe messy or too cluttered think of how customers are interacting with your business.

5. Take a step back and really applaud yourself for running a business it takes time and dedication and in current times everything is much harder. But a happy business owner equals a happy and more plesant experience for customers.

Thank you for reading these. Please feel free to comment. If you would like to have your own published then please e-mail David at 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com.

Many Thanks


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