Run With The Sweatshop Running Community

This morning I went for an organised run with the Sweatshop in Teddington.

All Sweatshop stores in the UK offer a regular weekly run starting from the store itself. The Teddington Sweatshop run is on a Sunday and starts nice and early at 9.00.

Sweatshop commit to the following

  • A maximum 5K beginners run/walk every week
  • Guides on every run – you’ll never run alone
  • Back marker pacer – no one gets left behind
  • Qualified running leader at every store
  • Mapped out local running routes
  • Great free kit incentives – the more you run, the more you get
  • No membership fees – EVER!

The following incentives are offered depending on how often you go.

Incentives offered when you are part of the Sweatshop Running Community

  • 5 weeks – FREE adidas Sweatshop Running Community technical t–shirt (worth £14.99 – available to buy)
  • 25 weeks – FREE nutrition pack
  • 30 weeks – FREE Sweatshop foam roller (worth £25)
  • 50 weeks – FREE pair of running shoes (up to the value of £100**)

Running on your own can take quite a bit of motivation and these planned runs are a perfect way to run with others and meet people.

Here are 5 things to do today to be part of this.

  1. Find a Sweatshop local to you.
  2. Go to your local stores home page and see what time and date the running group gathers.
  3. See what they offer in terms of runs. The Teddington group offers a 5K or a 10K run through Bushy Park.
  4. Register with the Sweatshop Running Community closest to you by filling out this online form.
  5. Commit to going and arrive good and early so you can chat to others and find more about the route.

David Ridings



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on “Run With The Sweatshop Running Community
2 Comments on “Run With The Sweatshop Running Community
  1. I love running. I usually run a couple of miles from home every weekend when I don’t have work. It gives me a great feeling. I’ll probably check out the Sweatshop near our place. Thanks for sharing this.

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