Ride Your Bike Today: 5 reasons why you should

Here are some reasons why you should ride your bike today

1) Cycling can be high-intensity, low-impact exercise. It’s easy on joints (make sure your seatpost is set high enough to avoid pressure on your knees) while posing a challenge for your heart and lungs.

2) You can get anywhere on your bike! It may take awhile but people ride their bikes across nations. Your bike will take you anywhere you want to go if you just let yourself believe it’s possible! Ride as slow as you need to, or as fast as you can – go around the block or across town. Pick a destination and go see what you’re capable of!

3) Cycling makes transportation infinitely more interesting than driving a car. When you ride a bike, you interact with your surroundings in an intimate fashion, as opposed to driving, which physically removes you from your surrounding environments. On a bicycle, you can change your route on the turn of a dime, you can meet your neighbors, discover new backroads, smell foliage or wood fires. You will see, hear, smell, and taste things in the saddle that you would easily ignore from behind the wheel.

4) Cycling is healthier for you AND your wallet. Every day on your bike instead of in your car means less money at the gas tank and less wear and tear on a machine that is costly to maintain. You can buy a decent bicycle for a few hundred dollars and, on average, spend no more than $100 a year on maintenance.

5) Riding a bike is fun! Allow yourself to remember, to reinvent, to reinvigorate that childhood joy, that freedom that comes from taking off on your bike. Remember what it was like? You felt like you could go anywhere and do anything? You can! Go do it!

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on “Ride Your Bike Today: 5 reasons why you should
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