If your happy and you know it clap your hands

How about these suggestions from the ‘You Can’t Google a G Spot‘ blog.

First thing in the morning…

Talk in an accent… if you’re not Irish, talk to yourself and rrrrroll yurrr aRs a lot… do multiple accents… you’d be surprised how much it loosens any tensions suppressed in your jaw and cheeks… opens your larynx a lot too..

Next, on your way to work, produce and direct a movie in your mind…

Direct and edit it in your head… walk with attitude and sling your pashmina across your arm as you hear U2’s “sweetest thing” playing in the background of your imagination… turn and smile at a stranger and mentally begin a dialogue or even narrate in detail to yourself a moment by moment scenario of the short interaction or of the stranger’s response. Have conscious Ally McBeal moments during a bus ride, or in a traffic jam… you’d be surprised how much such silliness can save you from an innate urge to want to go postal on fellow drivers and passengers.

While at work, go into the bathroom if you don’t have your own office and sing ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap your Hands’…. you’ll immediately remember that no matter how seriously you take yourself, you’re still a kid at heart.

During the afternoon, stand by the watercooler and find two people engaged in a conversation, but standing far enough away so that you can’t hear them. Then, as their mouths move, fill in the dialogue by yourself and dub them in your head. You need to laugh so that you make it through the last few hours of the work day.

And on your way home, create your own talkshow… make carpool passengers the guest… sure, they’ll think you’re nuts, but trust me, they’ll give in and go along… you can even ‘break’ for commercials and start ad-libbing your own ads…

If you can’t do all 5, do 1… remember, keeping it silly is the only way to keeping it real.

If you would like to contribute then email your suggestions to 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com.

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