Have a mobile phone holiday

  1. Download or buy the book the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris. This excellent book gives you many tips on how to cut down your life to the essential.
  2. Search through your bed clothes stock and throw away any worn items. Is it time to buy some new ones? Do you need to change the clothes on your bed? How long have they been on for?
  3. Listen to the track “another hundred people” from the musical Company. Its lyrics give a great feeling of city life and where we fit in. It’s short and hits a chord.
  4. Create an area in your house where you can truly relax. A place just for you where you can relax and read quietly without distractions.
  5. Put your phone in your pocket on airplane mode. Have a communication mini holiday. Don’t use it for texting, the Internet or making phone calls. You can listen to music with it if you must.

If yo would like to contribute your own then simple e-mail them to 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com

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on “Have a mobile phone holiday
One Comment on “Have a mobile phone holiday
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