Got Writer’s Block? 5 Ways to Cure it Today

There comes a time in every writer’s life, no matter which genre you work in, that your creative switch gets a short. In these moments, it seems like nothing you do gets the creative juices flowing.

However, there are some fun exercises you can use to cure this right away. It requires stepping out of your box though and sometimes out of yourself, as you will see.

1. Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Put a different pair of glasses on.

Are you a man? Write from a woman’s perspective.

Are you a minority woman? Write through the eyes of a Caucasian CEO.

Sometimes, just putting on different goggles will put your writing machine into a completely different mode.

Don’t worry that the article or story isn’t right for the intended audience right away. The point is to write from a new angle and take your creativity a new direction.

Then, you can edit to your heart’s content, but words must be on the paper first.

2. Become a Stalker

Okay, not really, but seriously, watch people. Go to a coffee shop, sit there and absorb the conversations going on around you.

After relaxing and listen for a bit, you’ll find yourself mentally responding to comments that are made and questions that are raised. It doesn’t matter if the topic relates to your writing assignment.

The idea is for your mind to work on its own without purposeful direction for a while. Soon, you’ll come up with your own conversation and that gives you something to start working with.

It’s all about new input and new ideas from unexpected sources. Pay attention to what’s going on around you and see what inspires you.

3. Answer a Question

Yes, answer any question. Do you have kids around? Tell them to ask you something.

If you don’t have kids around that are always full of creative thoughts, ask another adult. It doesn’t matter what they ask you–the point is to “shock” your brain into coming up with an answer to a question you were not anticipating.

After answering the question, consider what made them come up with that particular one. What thoughts were they mulling over before they presented it to you?

Now you’re on the trail of the question’s background and who knows what mysteries you will uncover?

4. Create a Person

Sometimes it’s not about the story or the article–it’s about the main character. Have some fun–create a person.

Don’t think about their routine or their life–just write down everything about them from their physical description to their clothing. After that’s done, think about what they’re doing and why they’re dressed that way.

Just by taking your attention away from the main part of the story or article for a few minutes, you’ll inspire some creative directions for your assignment or post.

5. Animate Various Objects

Pick a household item–anything you want–and give it a voice. It can be silly, fun, dramatic, any direction you want to take it.

Again, the point is to do something completely out of character. Got a vacuum? Make it talk–write a little piece from the vacuum’s point of view.

If nothing else, your kids will crack up over it and the laughter alone will give you ideas. These may sound silly, but they work when you become overwhelmed by technical details and deadlines.

It’s not always about being serious, deadline-focused and in a professional state of mind. Sometimes you have to go back to the basics to get rid of writer’s block and create your best work.

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