Get outdoors and do something different today

These suggestion are from, the UK’s original and largest online directory of outdoor activities, featuring over 16,000 activities available through 8,000 Activity Centres.

Do Something…

1. On Foot: Orienteering

Join in a mental and physical challenge that tests your outdoor navigation skills. Work in a team or alone to be first to find all the strategically placed checkpoints on route using map and compass.

2. On The Hoof: Llama Trekking

Take a relaxing trek through the countryside in the delightful company of a llama. These intelligent creatures will even carry everything you need for your day out.

3.  On Water: Canoeing

Explore the breath taking scenery along the riverside in a canoe. This popular water sport typically uses a single bladed paddle or paddles to propel an open boat.

4.   On The Edge: Skiing

Prepare to hit the slopes for a fun filled experience, sliding down snow covered hills. As soon as you master your technique this winter sport will become addictive!

5.    On Wheels: Quad Biking

Jump on a quad bike for an action packed trek out in the countryside, through steep dirt tracks and up muddy banks. A ride on one of these powerful vehicles is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

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