Five Tips for Making Your Voice Heard as a Customer

six tips for improving your customers experience

When you are a customer trying to bring a complaint to a business, you can feel powerless and outnumbered. However, most businesses are often more than willing to help you resolve your complaints to keep you happy, and more importantly, coming back. Do you have something you want to say to a business without getting pushed off to the side? These are five tips for making your voice heard as a customer.

Participate in Customer Surveys

Many companies like to use customer feedback management tools to monitor how their customers are feeling. For example, they might use customer feedback receipt surveys to give customers an incentive to put their two cents in about the company. If you come across a tool such as this, take advantage of it. The company is more than likely analyzing certain practices and products within the company at that point in time, and they want real feedback on what’s going on. Use these outlets to your advantage!

Familiarize with Policies 

Before marching into a store and demanding a refund or explanation for a complaint you have, make sure you familiarize yourself with all of their policies regarding your issue. For example, if you want to make a return, make sure you meet all of the requirements for the return of the product in question. If you want something the store is unable to offer, you will end up upset and dissatisfied while the company’s employee will be annoyed you didn’t take the time to educate yourself.

Cooperation is Key 

Ask any person who has worked in customer service, and they will likely be the first to tell you patient and kind customers get the best service. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, the company is not out to get you, and they also want to get your issue resolved as soon as possible. Cooperate as much as possible with the staff to achieve a solution everyone can agree on. Even if the company is unable to help you in the way you would wish, be kind and respectful. Most of the time it’s not the employee’s fault he or she is unable to help you.

Speak with a Manager

If the person you’re dealing with can’t help you, speak with a manager. The manager will often take the issue a lot more seriously because in most cases, complaints and customer issues reflect back on them. They will want to resolve it quickly and get it taken care of. The manager also has more leeway to make exceptions as he or she helps you resolve the issue.

Call the Corporate Phone Number if All Else Fails 

If you’ve tried everything and the company does not seem to want to give you a fair hearing on your issue, it may be worth it to call the corporate number if there is one. Explain the issue exactly as it happened and provide as many details as possible so the corporate

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