Aspire Drinks Launch Party

Aspire Cranberry Drink

Pouring a Glass of Aspire Cranberry Drink

I recently attended the Aspire Drinks launch party at Sanctum Soho hotel in Central London. The lift took me up to the 4th floor roof garden, which had been transformed into a winter wonderland, complete with a fully propped up fun party booth this wonderland was filled with a host of media and celebrity all championing the calorie reducing health benefits of Aspire. There was plenty of Aspire Drinks to try at the event, mostly of the alcoholic cocktail variety.

Aspire Drinks

The Rooftop Terrace at Sanctum Soho Hotel

Aspire is a light and carbonated cranberry drink that contains a careful balance of vitamins and minerals to increase your metabolism and give you more energy. Aspire Drink is sold in cans from a variety of stores and is the brainchild of life long friends Darren Linnell and Neil Blewitt.

Aspire Drinks

Darren Linnell and Neil Blewitt.


Celebrities such as model Sophie Anderton and Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster attended the event along with a host of reality television stars. Stella English who competed in the Apprentice and X-Factors Sam Callahan were all sampling an Aspire libation on a somewhat chilly rooftop.

Aspire Drinks

Sophie Anderton at the Aspire Drinks party at the Sanctum Soho Hotel

Aspire Drinks

Sam Callahan

5 things to do today to start your Aspire Drinks weight loss challenge

1. Choose when you’re going to incorporate the Aspire Drink into your daily diet. Maybe the Christmas period is not the best time to stock up your fridge. The Aspire challenge as mentioned on their website is over a 2 week period.

2. Buy in bulk. You don’t want to be off to the shops everyday so buy 28 cans all at once either online or on the high street. Prices seem to vary so shop around. Aspire is available from many outlets including Tesco, Selfridges, Boots and Waitrose. There is a full list on the Aspire website.

3. Set a regular time to drink your can of Aspire. It is recommend drinking it chilled. Personally I would drink it before exercise during the day. Of course there are no real rules apart from drinking a can a day so you could make a Vodka Aspire or a Gin and Aspire one evening.

4. Read about the ingredients of Aspire. Aspire main ingredients are guarana extract, green tea extract and L-Carnitine (I had never heard of this either). Aspire burns calories by increasing the body’s metabolism. This is done through thermogenics.

Aspire Drinks

Guarana Extract

Green Tea

5. Don’t eat more and exercise less just because you are quaffing Aspire everyday. Carry on as normal, eat healthy and incorporate exercise into your daily life. Aspire in not a license to indulge too much.

Make sure that you weigh yourself before and after the two-week period and see how much weight you have lost.

Please comment freely and let me know how the Aspire Drink challenge has worked for you.

Thanks for reading

David Ridings


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