5 Ways to Use Custom Seed Packets to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business is a large endeavor to take on. There are different avenues you can go down to grab the attention of new clients, promote your business in a new area, keep current clients engaged, and more. Custom seed packets are a great way to promote your business. Not only are you providing potential clients a distinct gift, you are also giving them an easy way to remember you. The “seed packet” business could sound like a cheesy moniker, but it’s not one that people will forget! And in business, being at the front of your customers’ mind is the most important. Discovering all you have to offer is the next logical step.


New Products

The beauty of custom seed packets is that they can be designed exactly how you would like. That means if you have a new product to promote, you can tailor your seed packet design accordingly. Put an image of the new product on your packet with information about new features, pricing, and more.

New Clients

Looking for new business in general? Handing out seed packets has several benefits. Not only will you make an impression on someone with a custom seed packet, but you have a creative outlet for promoting your business that is also a gift to grow. Whether you strictly want to promote the business and highlight all of its features, or you plan to use it as a 3D business card, you will catch the attention of future clients easily.

Retain Clients

Want to keep clients interested? Send them an unexpected gift in the form of a seed packet. You can customized the design to make it personal to each person, or you could even offer a discount code for customer loyalty. Customers like getting reminders as to why they chose a certain business, and offering a deal along with a packet is a great way to show your appreciation.

Close Sale

Sometimes holding your cards to your chest is the best way to negotiate. If you’re in the process of trying to secure a new customer, wait until a more clutch moment to present them with a custom seed packet. This personal, special gesture (that comes with free seeds to boot!) is a surefire way to turn a potential customer into a lifelong customer.


On-Going Promotion

Maintaining an on-going promotion and you want more people to know about it? Hand out seed packets! Put the incentive for the promotion in the details of your custom packets to engage customers who may not already know about the giveaway or deal with your business.

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on “5 Ways to Use Custom Seed Packets to Promote Your Business
One Comment on “5 Ways to Use Custom Seed Packets to Promote Your Business
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