5 ways to stay safe whilst visiting a busy city

Visiting a new city can be a little daunting, so Custodian Guards have come up with these 5 simple rules to follow which will help you to feel safe whilst you’re getting around.

  1. Keep valuables well hidden – try to keep valuables in pockets that have a zip and if possible in a jacket so that it is on your person. Try not to flash any expensive items such as wallets or mobile phones as this can make you a target for pickpockets.
  2. Plan your journey in advance – this will mean that you can be confident when making your way around the city and will also avoid you getting stranded late at night when public transport has stopped.
  3. Get to know any emergency contact numbers for the city you are in – it is always useful to have these in the back of your mind just in case you might need them at anytime
  4. Stay alert – Wearing headphones for example can be a real distraction for people wandering around a busy city, keep your eyes on where you are going and listen out for any dangers
  5. Get to know a bit about the local culture before you arrive – this will help to make sure you don’t offend anyone and  get into any trouble by accident.

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on “5 ways to stay safe whilst visiting a busy city
One Comment on “5 ways to stay safe whilst visiting a busy city

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