5 Ways Apple Has Improved Certain Industries

Without question, Apple has changed the modern tech landscape more so than nearly any other company in the popular consciousness. Many consumers focus so much on their eye-catching hardware that they forget about the impact that Apple’s had behind the scenes. The following are just 5 of the industries that have been disproportionately affected by the company that Steve Jobs built.

Graphic Design
In many ways, Apple played a huge role in the graphic design revolution. Thanks to early support for projects like Photoshop, PageMaker and QuarkXPress, Macs cemented their reputation as the ultimate graphic design machines for amateurs and pros alike. Since then, the ability to create breathtaking graphics cheaply has been within reach for the common man.

Film Production
Apple’s massive impact on the video creation and film making industries can for the most part be credited to one genre-defining program, Final Cut Pro. One of Apple’s first big hits after coming back from the brink of bankruptcy during the mid-90s, Final Cut Pro brought production-quality film editing power to the desktop at affordable prices.

Music Creation & Distribution
In addition to the iMac, the iPod is one of the major reasons why we’re toasting Steve Jobs’ brilliance today. Though the iPod was a transcendent device, iTunes was the real game changer. By doing an end run around the record companies, Apple enabled musicians to sell directly to consumers and radically transform the music industry.

Mobile Computing
Most people are unaware of the fact that Microsoft unsuccessfully tried to launch the tablet industry years before the iPad debuted. Apple managed to succeed where they failed with their various mobile computing devices. In so doing, they also revolutionized the way that software developers distribute their programs to the public via the iTunes App Store.

Health Care

The most important industry that Apple’s managed to affect in recent years is health care. For instance, companies like Viive produce versatile dental practice management software for Macs that streamlines medical treatment. Just visit their website to see how their programs are improving patient care. Due to widespread adoption by doctors around the world, Apple software has had a major positive impact on health care in the 21st century.

Looking Ahead
We’ll no doubt see even more industries feel the transformative effects of Apple in the near future. Though other firms are often responsible for much of the research and innovation they eventually use, Apple continues to find a way to package existing technologies in unique ways that other companies can only dream of doing.

5 Ways Apple Has Improved Certain Industries

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