5 Tips to Help Create the Google Work Culture

When creating a company, one of the first things that needs to be determined is what sort of atmosphere will you and your employees work in. Although it may seem trivial, both studies and notable examples prove time and time again that the culture of a company plays just as much into its success as its products or services. One of the most noteworthy companies out there in regards to the corporate culture is Google. Google’s company culture is heralded in business due to the productivity the workers have and the products they produce. Understandably, many successful businesses want to emulate Google in this regard. Here are 5 tips for anyone who wants to create the Google company culture in their own business.

Hire Qualified People

Google is known to be one of the hardest companies to be employed by. Google is looking for the best and brightest in their fields to work for them. Similarly, you shouldn’t settle for people who aren’t going to be good at what they do for you. Hiring highly qualified people is a must.

Give them Incentives to Succeed, Not be Mundane

What separates Google apart from other companies is that they encourage taking risks. Risks can be extremely volatile situations in business. However, Google recognizes that it is only through risks that we get advancement. A good way to emulate this is to offer service awards to employees who make logical risks with the opportunity of big pay-offs.

Experience Vs. Skill

One of the things you need to immediately determine is which you’ll value you more: Experience or skill? Google values the latter. It makes sense. Why have someone who has more experience at doing an average job over someone with little experience who has more skill and enthusiasm?

5 Tips to Help Create the Google Work Culture


If you want to be like Google, you have to strive for innovation constantly. Just because you already have a great product or service, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t branch out and diversify.

Allow For Different Activities

There’s no reason why work has to be narrowly focused. Allow your employees to pursue different activities both in and at work. Promote fun activities like games and competitions. The impetus for inspiration is often found in other places than just behind a desk.

Every company is necessarily different, so it may not be possible to fully implement all of these ideas. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish as the business owner. However, although you can’t aim to replace Google with their own culture, you can certainly develop and grow your business using the ideas they embody on a day to day basis.

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