5 Things You Can Do At The End Of The Tube

Ian Wright is walking London Underground network above ground to raise
money for Bowel Caner UK. You can follow his journey on his blog, http://randomlylondon.com/. Today he brings
us a list 5 things you can do at the end of the Tube.

1. Visit Walthamstow Market. Europe’s longest outdoor market can be
found near Walthamstow Central at the northern end of the Victoria

2. Walk in Epping Forest. Take the Central Line to Epping and escape
the noise and pollution of central London.

3. Watch Tennis at Wimbledon. Take the District Line to Wimbledon at
watch the best Tennis players in the world compete. The next
tournament runs between 24 June – 7 July 2013.

4. Eat curry on Brick Lane. Take the Metropolitan Line to Aldgate and
it’s only a short walk to Brick Lane, where you’ll find London’s
highest concentration of curry houses.

5. Catch a flight at Heathrow. If you truly need or want to get out of
London, you can always catch a train to one of Heathrow’s 5 terminals
all located on the Piccadilly Line. London’s only airport connected
directly to the Tube.

I would love you to contribute to the site so if you have things you would like to send me then please do. Drop them to 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com

Have a great day


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