5 Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Designer Watch

It is great to treat yourself to something special every once in a while. Especially when pay day has just been and you don’t feel so bad about spending a slightly larger than usual amount on yourself. A new watch is the perfect gift to ourselves. But before you set out to buy a new timekeeper there are five tips that you should take to heart to make sure that you are making the right choice.


A watch should match the personality and style of the person wearing it as it makes a vital part of our outfit. A watch that doesn’t suit its wearer looks out of place and achieves the opposite of complementing your outfit. Incidents are known where watches have completely ruined an otherwise good look. Are you the type to wear a vibrantly coloured Ice-Watch? Do you prefer the stylish, urban designs by Diesel or are you a glamorous rock chic who is into Lipsy watches?


The watch should first and foremost suit your style but depending on what occasion you will be wearing it on there are a few things to consider. For instance, analogue watches are the more classically chic choice, which goes very well with a formal suit or can add that certain something to a smart but casual look. Digital watches are generally considered to be less formal and are more suitable for an everyday kind of look. If you are going for a formal job interview, a Dreyfuss & Co. watch will make a great impression while an Ice-Watch is the perfect choice for going out and having a good time.


For many of us, money can be the most limiting factor when it comes to choosing a new watch. Luckily, that is no reason to despair. There are plenty of great designer watches out there that come at a perfectly affordable price. Instead of diamonds you might have to settle for gold or silver, though as they are cheaper. It doesn’t always have to be precious metal though. A genuine leather strap also looks classy and sophisticated while being significantly cheaper. Another way you can cut costs is by leaving out fancy features. Does it really have to be a chronograph?


The brand can be a very decisive factor when it comes to a watch’s style and of course its price. Even highly established brands offer cheap designer watches. Just keep your eyes peeled for a sale. At the same time, always make sure that the sale is genuine so that you don’t become the victim of a scam website. To be on the safe side, only buy your designer watch from an official UK stockist of the brand you have chosen.


You have made your choice and are enjoying your new watch. The most annoying thing that can happen now is that the watch breaks. After all you might have spent a significant amount on your timepiece. It is therefore vital that you always check that your watch is protected via warranty.

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