5 things to do when you’ve been made redundant

5 things to do when you’ve been made redundant by Samantha Devlin author of Ramblings of a Northern Lass

When 5thingstodotoday.com asked me to write a post, I was flattered, chuffed, excited and then anxious. Anxiety prevailed, took root and made itself at home (it’s been doing that a lot recently) as wondered what on earth I could write about. Then I thought I’d put all this angst to better use. This rollercoaster of emotions is something I’ve been accustomed to since taking redundancy. And I’m sure given the state of the current economic climate, I’m not alone in my predicament. So here’s my 5 things to do when you’ve been made redundant.
This might not the first thing that entered your head but it should be. Enjoy your free time. You never know when you’ll be in this position again. Enjoy the freedom of not keeping to a 9-e 5 timetable and recharge those batteries. Chances are the road to redundancy was far from stress free. It will take a bit of time to process everything after which your body can truly relax. Give it a fighting chance by treating yourself. Put a timeframe around some guilt-free QT with yourself and enjoy. Remember your severance package is a reward for your years of service – so reward yourself.
I know it’s awful but it’s a means to an end which provides a monthly wage to fund fun things to do. (That’s my motivational mantra – feel free to adopt if it works for you ;)) Now that you’ve cleared your head of office gossip and playground politics, it’s time to look to the future. Schedule some time every day to finding a new job. At first it could be update your CV or gather your referees contact details or simply make a list of recruitment agents. Do it at your own pace – just be productive for an hour or two every day. Then you can spend the rest of the day doing fun things.
How many times have you used work as the reason for not going to the gym? Take advantage of your down time by getting fit. Shave off those sticky last 5kgs (or more in my case). You’ll feel healthier physically and mentally and your future self will thank you for it. Start swimming or try out a completely different gym class, start the couch25k running course or simply go for a walk for 45 mins every day. Download some tunes or a good podcast and you’re on your way.
I’m guessing your redundancy pay out wasn’t life changing enough to ensure a lifetime of leisure but it could provide you with some breathing space to learn a new skill, hobby or sport you’ve always fancied. What did you want to do when you were at school? If you had your time again would you do something different?
It might be something like learn to sail or plant a veggie patch. Just do something completely different, you never know where or who it might lead to. I combined by “keep active” with learning to cook which has left my friends agog as I whisk up yet another healthy yummy treat. I’ve also (rather randomly) decided to take a Celebrancy accreditation course. I may never use it but it might some in handy for a bit of extra part time dosh in the future. Who knows? It’s fun and it’s keeping me out of mischief.
This is the one I have to force as I discovered last week it’s all too easy to fall into a hermit’s existence when everyone else is out at work all day. Without the forced daily interaction of work, a good box-set of, say, The Wire and suddenly a whole week has gone by, you’re eating cereal for dinner and still wearing that t-shirt from 2 days ago. Without being all “business wanky” about it, all your social networks (and not just the online type – so no, facebook stalking doesn’t count!) is likely to lead you to your next role. Keep in touch with old work colleagues, go out for Friday night drinks, keep to your usual social calendar. You might not think you have much news to tell them but if you’ve followed #1-4 you’ll be leading an interesting enough life to generate more stories than their moans and groans about work.

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