5 things to do when you know you are right

These suggestions are from Elizabeth Aram. Please checkout Elizebeth’s excellent blog www.theartofpsychology.wordpress.com to see what it is all about.

  1. It feels great doesn’t it? The feel of truth flowing through your veins. If you are right, that would make the other person WRONG. Well, I suggest you get over it. Facts do not need to be drilled into people’s heads. Speak your mind with humility.
  2. Listen. Whether or not you have a point doesn’t imply other people are ignorant, stupid or misinformed. You can gain much more by considering opposing views than you can by pushing your own.
  3. Appreciate the debate. If you are so focused on convincing the other person of your convictions, how will you ever learn something new? Pay attention to the flaws in their logic. Learn from them.
  4. Consider context. Just because you are right about one aspect of an event, idea or experience does not mean your point translates to every possible situation. Remember the following: feelings are transient, behavior is culturally bound, and time distorts memory.
  5. Empathize. Being wrong is something we avoid at all costs. It is unpleasant, embarrassing and disheartening. Respect others and their ideas, no matter how convoluted –you never know what you will be wrong next.

If you would like to suggestion your own 5 things to do today then please e-mail 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com.

Thank you for reading


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