5 Things to do today to make your kitchen look bigger

A lot of us are unfortunately unblessed when it comes to kitchen size and can feel a bit claustrophobic when it comes to making that roast dinner on a Sunday. However C and M Domestic Appliances have come up with 5 helpful tips to make your kitchen look bigger.

  1. Light and bright colours – This is the easiest way to make your kitchen appear bigger, by letting the light flow throughout the room you get a sense that the kitchen is a lot bigger than it is and just that factor can help.
  2. Use some glass cabinets – By using glass cabinets you are allowing the light to reflect throughout all the services within your kitchen, allowing you to see just how much space there is for storage. Of course, with this also being made of glass it will help you reduce the clutter in your cupboards making full potential of your space.
  3. Use a blind instead of netting or curtains – By using a blind this allows you to get the maximum sunlight from your windows. Hiding your kitchen away behind the darkness of a netting or curtain can make the room feel dark and eerie.
  4. Use cabinet lights to light up worktops – A great effect to help improve the look of space is the user of cabinet lights especially if you have a metallic or glass effect worktop When switched on to the right capacity the lights will reflect around the room making it appear bigger and brighter.
  5. Keep things clean – This could really go without saying.  A cleaner kitchen can improve things dramatically, not only does it make for a more comfortable environment but it helps you maximise the use of your surfaces.

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