5 things to do today influenced by Eastern Philosophy

These suggestions are from blogger Ian Marshall. He writes the excellent blog thewellingtons.wordpress.com. Please make sure you have a look at it.
Having spent 18 months travelling in India and South East Asia to escape a hectic world of London Tech life I have returned to the old country to see how I get on and to try and integrate some of the fantastic practice that I learnt from the cultures I visited.
1. Meditate
Meditation is becoming rather trendy in the West it seems as a way to calm down the mind and focus. It certainly has these benefits and done regularly can also help you transcend your perceptions of what is important and re-align your beliefs; ultimately leaving you happier and more content.
2. Practice Yoga Asanas
Yoga is a philosophy, wider than just physical Asana or postures as is usually associated and you can create a whole lifestyle around it. Spending an hour or so a day stretching into these time-tested poses though, will improve your well-being, both physical and mental.
3. Eat Healthy vegetarian food
There are many different diets that you can follow under the guise of being “healthy” but you don’t have to go to the extremes of Raw or Vegan eating in most cases. Eating a balanced vegetarian diet will go a long way to improving health. I struggle with this often, particularly in a meat rich society so don’t beat yourself up about it but do try and make cutting down a goal.
4. Be generous
This one is a bit broad I’ll grant but is one of the most important tenets of Buddhism. I wrote a blog about it a while back and it’s a practice that sounds simple but can be very hard. It’s not about giving a certain amount of money away it’s more about the attitude. If you can be at peace with being who you are, happy for others to excel in what they are doing and rejoice in that then you are half way there.
5. Do something you love
If you don’t enjoy your job then make time in your day to do something creative that you are passionate about. This sounds so simple and so obvious but most of us will find ourselves too tired or too lazy to make the effort after a hard day at the office. 
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on “5 things to do today influenced by Eastern Philosophy
One Comment on “5 things to do today influenced by Eastern Philosophy

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