5 Things to do to save time cleaning

Keeping your house clean and fresh can be a chore that many don’t enjoy, whether you’re just trying to keep on top the clutter or you have a million and one places that constantly need attention from your feather duster. Here is All Your Stairs top 5 tips on keeping your house clean, letting you spend a bit more time with your feet up and a cuppa in hand!

  1. Put things back after you use it – A lot of that clutter comes from things that you or someone have left behind, don’t say you’ll do it later, get up and put it away! Currently reading a magazine? Place it back in your magazine rack.
  2. Wash as you cook – If you’re cooking something up and you’re waiting for those beans to finish cooking in the microwave then get washing as you wait (Or at least put them in the dishwasher for the lazy)
  3. Do laundry one load at a time – Seriously, this is a great time saving tip! The amount of time (and detergent) you waste by washing things on a daily basis really adds up. By adding things to the wash only when you have a full load you save time and hassle. You also get to discover things you’ve not worn in a while, or at least use the extra time to buy new clothes if you haven’t got enough.
  4. Leave your shoes at the door – The amount of dirt shoes bring into the house is terrifying, have a shoe tidy near the front door and good house mate back and front to keep your flooring nice and clean!
  5. If you have pets at home dry their feet as you enter the house, you never quite know what they’ve stood in on their walk!
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