5 Things to Do this Moment to Experience Peace and Quiet

Thank you to Raymund Tamayo from www.plainhaven.blogspot.com.

  1. Find a quiet spot to be alone. On a beach, at the park, or in your own room. Doesn’t matter where, as long as you can be alone.
  1. Sit still and breathe. Set an alarm for two minutes. Don’t think about anything and don’t do anything, except breathe. Close your eyes. Feel your breath entering and exiting your nose. Deep breaths. Be patient and try not to cheat.
  1. Think something nice to be thankful of. Set the alarm for another two minutes and stay in your position. This time, aside from breathing, think about nice things that you are thankful of. May be your health, your family, the coffee you had this morning. Or just simple things like that you are alive right now and are able to breathe.
  1. Appreciate the moment. After that, open your eyes and look around you. Appreciate that you have eyes to see your surroundings. Feel blessed of everything you can see, smell, hear, touch, and taste at this very moment.
  1. Be thankful. Move on with a thankful heart. Follow your passions. Contribute and not just exist. What you believe you are is who you are.

As always if you would like to contribute then you can do by emailing 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com.

Thank you


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