5 things to do before you retire

Suggestions from Wibtrac of some fun things to do before you retire. Enjoy!

  1. Sign up to a social network site so that you can stay in contact with your friends and colleagues
  2. Leave a legacy at your workplace whether that be through coming up with a great new organisation initiative or just being the most drunk person ever at a works night out, make sure you’re not easily forgotten
  3. Blow a month’s wages on one full days shopping for yourself
  4. Have a suit tailor made, it will fit you perfectly and make you feel a million dollars when you go in to work
  5. Try and go a whole day at work without getting up to make a cup of tea, trust me it’s harder than it sounds

If you would like to contribute then please e-mail your suggestions to 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com

Thanks for reading


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