Run around a City

1. Choose a photograph from your Christmas and new year celebrations and make a jigsaw out of it. There are many Internet sites that will do this for you. is a good one I have used before. Have it arranged to be sent to a relative to enjoy. A puzzle and memories all in one.
2. Choose to drink decafinated coffee for 2 weeks. Get into the habit of ordering it when you go out to a coffee shop. See if it makes you feel any different.
3. Next time you are asked by a friend how you are or how your day is going make sure that you go for a positive first response. Say that you are really good or great rather than ok or I have a lot on and feel stressed. This will make your day go much more productively and make your mood lighter.
4. Find a bench in a park and read a book for half an hour. Do it as early in the morning as possible to guarantee stillness.
5. Buy a day pass for a city gym and use it as a base. Go for a run in the city and then relax with a swim and jacuzzi. You will be able to find some really plush spas in big cities so treat yourself.

If you would like to contribute your own suggestions the simply write them and send them to

Thanks for reading.

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